Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)
Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)
Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)
Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)
Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)
Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)
Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)
Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)

Memorigin Star Wars Series R2D2 (Collector's)

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Limited Edition Only 100 pieces worldwide.

Movement No: SW 1217

Case: Silver and white elegant Stainless steel

Case Diameter: 43mm
Dial Thickness: 13mm

Glass: Both sides sapphire crystal  

Frequency: 28800 Oscillation/Hour  

Movement: Flying tourbillon  

Features: 155 pieces of subassembly module and 18 jewels. The tourbillion located at 6 o'clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle. The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel. 

Power Reserve: 40 hours

Jewels: 18

Dial: R2-D2 top overhead view embossment on the dial, 2 black diamonds and 1 ruby for decoration.

Index: 12 blue sapphires diamonds are embedded on the dial.

Hand: Blue pomme of luminous dauphine hands

Strap: Crocodile leather strap

Warranty: 3 Years international

Shipping & Receiving Time: 20-25 days

Note: Watches that are not in stock will take 2-3 months for special order production. limited addition watch's that are not in stock will not be made again. Please contact us Before Payment to verify the item availability. thank you 


Press-release Annual present – The Star Wars Series

The glamorous Star Wars has arisen the world in great expectations. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” was released in Hong Kong on December 15, 2016. It brought the fever of Star Wars. In the Star Wars stories, the image of every character impressed people deeply. Even though they did not read the stories, they will certainly remember the characters. With the success of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Memorigin once again collaborated with Disney and Lucasfilm which is famous to the science fiction movies’ fans in the world. The watch of Star Wars series was designed by famous Hong Kong designer and composer: Mr Mark Lui. The image of Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and R2-D2 were used to the tourbillon watch which are popular roles of the Star Wars Series. It combined the theme of Star Wars with the complex timepieces. The watch owner can enjoy the world of Star Wars which created by George Lucas every day.

As a Star Wars fan, the designer Mr Mark Lui was very excited to design watch for this classic film. But he fell into confusion at the same time. Because of the numerous roles of the Star Wars and the rich sources of inspiration for the watch, it made the design work very difficult. This can be described as a happy trouble. The appearance and story of each Star Wars character were very attractive and the story of universe which were created by George Lucas is boundlessly. Among the plenty of roles in the movies, Darth Vader is the greatest charming. From a great hero to a devil used by the dark forces, he is always wearing a mask to seal the heart of justice completely. His inner world is elusive which creates the role of “Darth Vader”. It captures the hearts of all Star Wars fans. In order to perform the image of “Darth Vader” lively, Mr. Mark Lui designed the tourbillon watch in all dark tone. Through the skeleton of the eyes and mouth of Darth Vader, the fans can enjoy the Tourbillon movement. The Stainless-steel strap with thick armor hided a complex "heart” of the “Darth Vader”. In addition to the design of the main dial, Mr. Mark Lui also took care of the demands of the Star Wars fans in the detailed parts. Therefore, the TIE Fighter was used as the hour hand and the red laser sword of “Darth Vader” was used as the minute hand. It will stimulatevery fans’ emotion when they wear the wrist watch. it seems that the music of “The Imperial March” still haunts near our ears.

If the story of Star Wars stopped here and only "Darth Vader" to play alone, how can we satisfy the fans and preserve the legend of Star Wars series? Mr. Mark Luis elected Kylo Ren who was the new member for the Star Wars series. In the story, Kylo Ren always looked “Darth Vader” as an idol and fascinated by The Dark Force. Two villains were very similar, but Kylo Ren had more gloomy character who was always wearing a cloak to hide his huge power. In order to bring the roles more lively, Mr. Mark Lui had specially redesigned the mask of Kylo Ren on the dial. And he also had ordered a nylon watchband like his cloak. Similarly, the production of detailed parts is not easy. The Kylo Ren’s cross red laser sword was made as a minute hand and TIE Fighter as an hour hand as well. He specially cared this new star of the Star Wars.

Besides of the human characters in the Star Wars, the robots were important in the story. The design of robotin the latter science fictions was greatly influenced by George Lucas. We had to pay tribute to this master. Mr. Mark Lui selected the "R2-D2" which was the drum-shaped maintenance and operation fighter robots for the design base and created the last member for the Star Wars watch series. In the story, "R2-D2" played a loyal role in assisting different characters against dark forces. When "R2-D2" entered the fighter (X-Wing Fighter), the head will be exposed in semi-circular sphere. Mr. Mark Lui used the head shape of "R2-D2" as the dial. Though the blue filter, we can see a complex tourbillon assembling inside the watch. It looked like "R2-D2" has been ready to go and waiting for the fighting order. The watch color was accompanied with the theme of the "R2-D2" in blue and white. All the watch features were creating a deep impression and awakening fans’ memory with this old friend in the battlefield.

All the three Star Wars wristwatches used a unique hexagonal crown. On the crown, the English letter “M” representing Mr Mark Lui was engraved to record his design history. In addition to the appearance of watch, we cared about the needs of users. We make the metal crown with surrounding rubber. So that the fans can wear the watch more comfortable. Each of the Star Wars series watch had a limited edition of 100 pieces, and a tourbillon watch instruction manual with autographs of Mr Mark Lui on the certificates, three-year maintenance and the Star Wars illustrations. The box packaging of the watches was even more delicate. Inspiring from the shape of spaceship, the watch could be seen through the outer spherical window of watch box. It had different colors’ combination. The watch box and watch case of Darth Vader Tourbillon were kept in same dark color. All materials were in black color inside and outside to create the powerful and mysterious feeling. Kylo Ren Tourbillon used the theme of "The First Order" of the Star Wars with red and black. The all-black outer looking of watch box contained elegant red leather inside. When you opened the box, Kylo Ren would be appeared in front of you. And the R2-D2 tourbillon of the Star Wars series adopted the blue and white eye-catching colors from its robot body, and the silver-white outer box has the blue leather inside. All the watches and decoration kept you the memories of Star Wars.