Memorigin Kan’s Series
Memorigin Kan’s Series
Memorigin Kan’s Series
Memorigin Kan’s Series
Memorigin Kan’s Series
Memorigin Kan’s Series
Memorigin Kan’s Series
Memorigin Kan’s Series

Memorigin Kan’s Series

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Movement No: MO 0304

Case: Contemporary Stainless steel 

Case Diameter: 43mm

Movement Diameter: 36 mm

Watch Thickness: 13.1mm

Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/ Hour

Glass: Both sides sapphire crystal 

Water Resistance: 5ATM \ 165ft

Movement: Flying tourbillon

Features: 188 pieces of subassembly module and 21 jewels. The Tourbillon located at 12 o’clock rotates at a speed of 60s for one circle. The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel.

Indicator: Power reserve 

Power Reserve: 60 hours 

GMT Indicator: Day/Night indicator 24 hours 

Barrel: Twin mainspring barrel

Jewels: 21

StrapAlligator strap

Indexes: Gold plated
Hands:18 karat gold
Watch Coating: PVD

IP Plated: Black movement 

Movement: Birthday-peach-leaf skeleton movement

Warranty: 3 Years international 

Shipping & Receiving Time: 20-25 days

Note: Watches that are not in stock will take 2-3 months for special order production. limited addition watch's that are not in stock will not be made again. Please contact us Before Payment to verify the item availability. thank you 


Press-release Memorigin Kan’s Series

The movement of Hong Kong, the heart of Hong Kong Top design and top craftsmanship to build a Hong Kong brand (Hong Kong, 1st September, 2012) In order to develop Hong Kong into a center of design inspiration and innovation in Asia, the government initiated the “2012 Hong Kong Design Year” to spark growth in creative industries.

Memorigin, a Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand, actively engaged in the campaign to show its support. It invited Kan Tai-Keung, the worlds prestigious graphic designer, to cooperate in a project of designing a tourbillon watch. From the dial design to the mechanical components, every part of this masterpiece reaches the highest standard in the watch industry. It is authentically a tourbillon watch that belongs to Hong Kong.

Memorigin is a brand established by a local Hongkonger. Its products are co-designed by top designers and watch collectors in Hong Kong. While the unique Hong Kong style is the merge of Chinese and Western cultur alelements, Memorigin has been presenting such combination well through its watches. Its carving craftsmanship is much appreciated in the industry. On the other hand, Kan is named as the “father of graphic designer in Hong Kong. The commemoration stamps and the coin-like logo of the Bank of China are two of his well-renowned designs. His simple and elegant designs mingle well with the Chinese culture, therefore, his art is a perfect match with Memorigin’s values.

Year 2012 is not only the Hong Kong Design Year, but also Kan’s 70th birthday. As he’s always ready to accept new challenges, he worked with Memorigin on his first design of the watch. The watch is a combination of stunning art design and mechanical craftsmanship. Beinga limited edition with only 70 quantities produced, the watch is undoubtedly valuable in collection. Through this cooperation, they hope to spread the greatness of Hong Kong art all over the world.

After a-year-long drafting, manufacturing, and testing, the finishing product of Kan’s series was successfully launched. Each procedure including the carving step is handled strictly.

The design inspiration for this series is from the mastermind. To feature the theme of Kan’s 70th birthday, Kan’s signature is engraved at the back of the skeleton movement on a birthday-peach-leaf. The 70 miniature  on the dial, represent Kan’s 70th birthday celebration. In order to engrave such a tiny word on the dial, on average each dial broke 3 carving knives from the factory. The damage rate and the manufacturing cost are very high. In addition, 30 more (total 100 were engraved on the watch) are engraved at the back to present an auspicious blessing of longevity and healthiness.

Black is the color favored by Kan Tai Keung as the core color for the whole watch production. In order to match Kans requirement, besides the PVD coating on the watch case, for the first time, Memorigin applies the IP-plated technology on each movement that the movement is in purely black. Therefore, the damage rate and production cost are much higher than normal modelsThe sharp contrast between the cool black watch case and the splendid golden Chinese word is very eye-catching and attractive. One of the greatest creations by Kan on this series is definitely the logo of Memorigin being functioned as the miniature hour hand. Both minute and hour hands are made by 18 karat gold. Significantly, the stylish indexes are gold plated. Kans Series is limited to 70 pieces only for the congratulation to his 70th birthday. At the back of the movement, there is Kans signature with the number of limited edition engraved on the peach-shaped plate. All in all, luxury and elegance are perfectly shown in this watch with the highest collection value obtained.

To finalize Kanremarkable first watch design, he has also created a unique watch box package that echoes vintage Chinese thread-bound book with a birthday-peach closure. In order to allow people to view at different angles, the package is designed as showcase alike. The tourbillon watch is placed at the center which can be rotated. Although the series is a self-winding tourbillon, this idea generated by Kan is to adore the mechanical rotation of tourbillon.  

In Chinese culture, 9 dragons implicate a symbol and status of a king. Applying this idea in this package, the 8 dragons encircling the watch and 1 five-talon dragon pattern on the frosted glass package cover demonstrate elegance and chic. Besides, the back of the package is tired by a birthday-peach closure which the design is the same as the peach shape plated at the back of the skeleton movement.

Embraced by strong Chinese historic background and western culture, Hong Kong has been built as a cosmopolitan city. Strong diversities, creativity, and passion are the main characters of a Hongkonger. Kan strives to contribute to society that publicizes the Chinese art and culture. He aims to promote Hong Kong culture all over the World and let the world know the Hong Kong brand – Memorigin.

Not only does the Kan’s Series represent a merge of the essence of Western craftsmanship and Eastern culture, but it also shows the charisma of Hong Kong Art and Design. Kan’s Series, a tourbillon watch for celebrating Kan’s 70th birthday, is a must to collect as an heirloom through generations.