Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)
Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)

Memorigin Transformers Series (Collector's)

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Movement No: TF 0626

Case Diameter: 43 mm
Watch Thickness: 13 mm

Glass: Both sides sapphire crystal

Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour

Movement: Flying tourbillon
Features: 155 pieces of subassembly module and 18 jewels. The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle. The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel.
Jewels: 18
Power Reserve: 40 hours 

Dial: Optimus embossment on the dial
Strap: Crocodile strap

Warranty: 3 Years international

Shipping & Receiving Time: 20-25 days

Note: Watches that are not in stock will take 2-3 months for special order production. limited addition watch's that are not in stock will not be made again. Please contact us Before Payment to verify the item availability. thank you 


Press-release Annual present – Memorigin Transformers Series tourbillon watch

Sophisticated “machine”

[Hong Kong9th July 2014] The Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand - Memorigin has been bringing new surprises to customers since its establishment. Without exception, they continue the tradition this year by launching the Transformers Series the first Transformers-themed tourbillon watch with Hasbro. It includes a set of watches with 2 different models in limited edition.

Referring to the characters in the movie, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee respectively, Memorigin invited 3 talented designers to work on this project. Through unlimited improving and fine-tuning, all the technical constraints are solved when producing this masterpiece. In order to match with the unique features in the movies, all elements from color tuning, the texture of the strap to the esthetics on the design are strictly controlled. Especially, the characterized color setting of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are fully expressed through the strap. Memorigin takes care of every detail and feature seriously.

The outline of the Optimus prime is clearly sketched on the dial. The silver-plated skeletal structure enriches the layers on the dial. Besides, there are 10 pieces of natural sapphire on the dial. The 2 sapphires act as the eyes of Optimus and rest 8 form the indexes on the dial. Under the sunshine, the texture of steel is excellently expressed.

he tourbillon is located at the 6 oclock position which creates great momentum for the watch. It seems like the heart of Optimus Prime. Especially, it is gorgeous that the characteristics of Optimus Prime can be found on the watch. The red threadson the navy-blue strap accompany the stainless-steel case creating a great contrast with the stylish case.

In the movie, Bumblebee is a character that is very energetic as if the ray of sunshine. To follow the setting in the movie, the designers give the entire design as a refreshing feeling with a great contrast. By using the yellow and black color, the sharp yellow strap captures everyone’s eyesight.

On the dial, there are 8 yellow diamonds as the indexes and 2 natural sapphires as the eyes of Bumblebee. The rotation of the tourbillon at the 6 o’clock position provides the energy to the Transformers that let it move.

Two models are only available in 50 pieces, making it more invaluable to all the watch supporters and movie fans. They are the watch collections that you might want to have a pair in your hands.